Amplify Korea: Episode 71

This week I preview shows happening in Busan, Jinju, and Daegu, along with new music from Blad.

천세훈 released his first full length album in January and has a release show at Node on Saturday night, including a bunch of guests. Also in Busan on Saturday, you can catch Belgian indie-pop act Edor at Basement for free.

In Daegu, the D Arena Festival has 20 bands playing for free between 3 venues. I play music from Madkeen and Cosmic Abalone, who play on Friday and Saturday respectively. Also coming from the Daegu music scene, Blad released his first solo album Poppycock recently, and I play you one of the new tracks off the album. Finally, Uncle Bob make the trip to Jinju for a show at Cafe Dawon.

The podcast is a little late again this week. It’s been a busy week of planning, and I’ve also had to deal with a cold. Bear with me another little bit and it will all be back on regular schedule.


  1. 천세훈 - 공중정원

  2. Cosmic Abalone - Spring Weeds

  3. Madkeen - 화장

  4. Blad - The Jester

  5. Uncle Bob - 괴물

  6. Edor - Holding Me Tight