Episode 73: Platform Stereo


Platform Stereo


Platform Stereo are a 4 piece that started in Busan in 2018, influenced by the electronic sounds of Phoenix, Justice, and Daft Punk. Their reputation grew quickly as they built up a large local following, and they impressed with performances opening for Taiwan band I Mean Us, and at Big Day South festival last May. They’ve released 3 digital singles since December 2018, and are about to share their first EP, Starfall. The band joined me at HQ Bar in Gwangan for a live session and a short interview.

There has been a significant change to the format of the podcast, and I’m delighted to welcome HQ Bar on board as co-creators. From this episode onwards, we’ll have a monthly posting of live performance and interviews which will be available as both podcast audio, and video shared through Youtube and Facebook. Given the extra costs of paying audio engineers and videographers, I’ll be rearranging the set up of our Patreon over the coming weeks. In exchange for a small monthly support you can get extra content, early access, and discounts to live events made by Angle Magazine. For more on that, please check out our Patreon account here.