Episode 74: Bosudong Cooler


Bosudong Cooler


Bosudong Cooler are the current darlings of the Busan indie scene, and describe their sound as dreamy jangle pop that shares the subtle and hidden feelings of everyday life. On top of the great music, the band has a strong visual identity expressed through their promotional videos, and their keen sense of style on stage. They've also been active in supporting social issues, with performances at both LGBTQ and women's rights events. They played a great set at HQ Bar to a packed house on June 8th, which we filmed, and have shared a bunch of videos from on our Youtube and Patreon accounts. They sat down with Mun Seohyeon before the bar opened to talk about their EP and plans for the future.

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  1. Dave

  2. 죽여줘 (Kill Me)

  3. One Question (Genius cover)


Audio engineer: Casey McKeever

Cameras: Tim Paugh, Mun Seohyeon, Philip Brett

Interviewer: Mun Seohyeon

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