Boarding an Alien Spaceship with Beijing’s Bye Bye Fish

“사실, 바이 바이 피쉬는 미래에서 왔어요. 선형의 시간에 있지 않죠. 언제, 어디에서 시작될지 알 수 없어요. 우리는 단지 그들의 이야기를 전할 뿐이죠”

“In fact, Bye Bye Fish is from the future. It’s not linear time. I don’t know when or where the beginning is. We’re just telling their stories”

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Look: 나레 Na Re Noize

나레는 항상 구질구질하고 거지 같은 인생을 향해 스페셜 큐트 파워 슬라임 어택을 시도합니다. 그리고 구린 삶에 나레만의 큐트 슬라임이 이리저리 뒤엉켜 녹아내리는 재미난 광경을 그림으로 그려냅니다.

Na Re always takes a special cute power slime attack towards a grubby, crappy life. The paintings show interesting scenes where Na Re’s cute slime intertwines and melts away in a lousy life.

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Premiere: Drinking Boys and Girls Choir (드링킹소년소녀합창단), She’s Sitting in the Blue Chair

대구와 같은 보수의 성지에서도 드링킹소년소녀합창단과 같은 진솔한 펑크밴드가 탄생할 수 있다. 아래의 인터뷰와 함께 곧 발매되는 Keep Drinking에 수록된 She’s Sitting in the Blue Chair을 들으세요.

A band like DBGC rising out of a conservative city and shouting joyously about their beliefs makes one feel that punk truly is not dead. Read more and listen to the premiere of She's Sitting in the Blue Chair from their upcoming album, Keep Drinking.

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Read: Amy Rose

“She was standing, talking with a group of lizard men. They looked huge next to her. Her black fur glinted in the light of the station and every once and a while she tilted her head back and laughed. I could barely hear it from where I sat. She was never going to notice me, and I was never going to get the courage to go up and talk to her.“

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