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“She was standing, talking with a group of lizard men. They looked huge next to her. Her black fur glinted in the light of the station and every once and a while she tilted her head back and laughed. I could barely hear it from where I sat. She was never going to notice me, and I was never going to get the courage to go up and talk to her.“

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Watch: The Song I Want To Be: Lullaby

‘되고 싶은 노래’는 부산의 싱어송라이터 이내의 3집 앨범이다. 공연예술가인 신디라비는 이 앨범에 실린 10곡을 안무의 형태로 만들어 새로운 접근을 시도하였다.

The Song I Want To Be is the third album by Busan troubadour, Ine Kim. Cindi L’Abbe has choreographed a live experience to explore and reflect the ten songs on the album.

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Watch: Angle X 2017

음악 X 아트
콜라보레이션과 크리에이션의 날
라이브 아트. 라이브 음악. 인터랙티브 아트.

Highlight video of Angle X 2017 at Someday, Busan. Music X Art. A day of live performance and collaboration.

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Food For Worms

"관객과 뮤지션의 벽이 완전히 무너졌고, 제가 한국을 사랑하게 된 계기에요. 락 갓을 보지 않고, 무대에 친구가 있다면, 그들의 쳐다보고, 장난을 칠 것이에요. 이게 진정한 음악의 태도에요."

"That division is totally broken and that’s what made me fall in love with it too, especially here. You’re not looking up at some rock god, you’re looking up at your buddy and you’re gonna fuck with them when they are on stage, and if your friend’s out there, you’re going to grab him. It’s really a community with an attitude behind it."

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