12AM: 크리스 던킨 Chris Dunkin

크리스 던킨에게 영감을 주는 12가지

크리스 던킨은 미국에서 작가로 활동하고 있다. 현재 한국에서 교사를 하면서 주로 시나, 짧은 소설 또는 공상(판타지) 소설을 쓰고 있다. 그는 진주 시 발표 대회를 Ignite 주제로 개최 했다. 그는 많은 다양한 것들로 영감을 가져왔다. 밑에 간단히 참조 하면 된다.

12 Things That Inspire Chris Dunkin

Chris Dunkin is a writer from America. Currently teaching in South Korea. He writes mostly poetry, magical realism short stories, and fantasy novels. He hosts the Jinju Open Mic and Jinju: Ignite poetry night. He draws inspiration from many different things; below is a short list.

1. Poetry of all kinds.

From spoken word to written. Here is one by Buddy Wakefield.

2. Fantasy/Sci-fi!

Different worlds, magic, the endless possibilities that the genre brings. Be it comics, books, movies, T.V.- anything in this vein.


3. Music.

Most music (except dubstep and country) sparks something in me. Try some Katatonia for your earhole.

4. Picking heavy things up and putting them down

Heavy things. Over and over again.


5.  Passion.

I love hearing what other people love and seeing their eyes light as they tell others about it.


6. Forests.

There is something magical about forests.


7. Coffee.

Nuff said.


8. Animals

Mostly wolves but, really all animals.


9. Deep Conversations


10. Games

Video games, board games, RPGs! Games with great stories. I'm currently playing Pillars of Eternity.


11. Night and gloomy weather.

I do most of my best writing at night, I love cloudy and misty days, also winter and cold snowy days. I'm weird like that.


12. All things broken.

Don't bring me the pristine, it does nothing for me. Bring me the flawed.