12AM: 아그니에시카 J. 코발스카 Never Niesz

아그니에시카 J. 코발스카는 부산에 거주중인 아티스트이자 디자이너입니다. 아그니에시카는 삶을 탐구하며 스스로 두려움을 이겨내고자 합니다. 그러기 위하여 창작활동을 하며 다른 친구들과 이를 공유하고자 합니다

Never.Niesz is an artist and designer who is now living in Busan. She is fascinated with exploring her fears and stepping out of her comfort zone as a way of questioning the illusion of identity. At the moment, one of her main methods of doing so is creating and sharing art.

1. What it means to be human

2. Coffee

3. Religions

4. Podcasts & talks

5. The Southwest (U.S.A.) 

6. Space

7. Aaron Draplin

8. Alex Gray

9. Music

10. Doctor Who

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11. Amelie

12. Star Wars

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