12AM: 피제이 메츠 PJ Metz

피제이 메츠에게 영감을 주는 12가지

12 things that inspire PJ Metz

1. 임시 행사

1. Transitory events.   

Small moments in your life that only last for a little bit and can only be accessed in memory from then on.


2. 가족

2. Family.

With a musician father, actress mother, illustrator sister, and dancer sister, there’s nowhere I can’t turn for inspiration.

3. 올란도 사람들

3. The people back home.

Orlando has countless artists, entertainers, musicians, and beautiful souls. I’m fortunate to know so many and have a place in that community.

4. 나의 아내.

4. My Wife.

She’s always supported all my creative endeavors. If I decided to become a performance artist and smear myself with spaghetti o’s while a gramophone plays Kachaturian’s “Sabre Dance” she’d probably help open the cans.

5. 특유 음악

5. Unique Music. 

If it makes your head bob or your brain melt, I’m probably listening to it. Especially if it does both. See below.

6. 완벽한 하나의 단어.

6. The perfect word. 

Looking for the only one out of 600,000 that will fit the emotion.

7. 문학 작품 목록

7. Literary Canon.

Especially discussing them with other people.

8. 놓치고 싶지않은

8. FOMO, Fear of Missing Out.

Not in the way I have to be everywhere, but I have a hard time saying no to experiences with friends.

9. 다목적예술공간

9. Cross Discipline art.

A piece that stretches from one medium to another. Childish Gambino’s “Because the Internet” is a great example.

10. 나의 동시대인

10. Contemporaries.

The South East Korean spoken word and poetry scene has been huge for me.

11. 스트레스

11. Stress.

All my stress usually leads to some writing.

12. 복고적 미래주의

12. Retro Futurism.

Music and art that looks to what the past thought would be the future and seeks to recreate that. Retrowave music is one of my favorite things ever.

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