12AM: 순호느 Suné Horn

Suné Horn에게 영감을 주는 12가지 

12 things that inspire Suné Horn

1. People

Seeing brilliance in others, makes me want to be better. 

2. Architecture

 Being in a well designed space, makes me want to create great spaces.

3. Film

The ability to represent a great idea for hours at a time.

4. Stories

The perspective and experiences of others

5. Graphic novels

Good stories combined with great images.

5_Graphic Novels.jpg

6. History

Remembering where we come from, what we've done.

7. Travelling

Leaving my comfort zone.

8. Time

The lack of time constraints inspires me.

9. Coincidence

Small, seemingly unrelated events that lead to a great idea/revelation.

10. Silence

I need silence to hear my thoughts clearly.

11. Sleep

Could also be my dreams that inspire me.

12. Showers

Water gets my mind going.