Poet: Leslie Newton

Leslie Newton has been growing up in Daegu for the last four years, teaching English and Literature at Daegu Haany University, fostering dogs, biking, and writing. She's recently learned to not finish the claim, "I'm a poet" with a question mark. 

On Being

So much depends
on taking a stroll,
on not getting there faster,

but sitting in some
not man made shade,
listening to the whisper and applause

of birches, on
walking in on
monarchs making love

if you can call it that,
on that second
of wings passing earlobes.

So much depends
on going slow.


The Weight

I have two shoulders
for two saddlebags

They hang, swing
just below my fingertips

sensing the cool heaviness
radiating off stones sinking

deeper into the canvas.
I strum them.

“Sing for me, stones!”
in trying to grasp them

I am bowed smaller
just to hold them.

Make this burden light.


A study

And who knows why
swallows dive on cloudy days
just to watch their reflections die
beneath the pond’s impassive face.


The World

Tears tipped free
hurrying down the curve of my cheek,
ashamed of being seen.
Who will catch up to them,
tell them, I’m sorry?

I will, said the oceans.
I will, said the skies.

I will, stood the mountains.
I will, the branch’s buds replied.

I will, shouted the storms.
I will, hummed the rivers.
I will, joined the birds.
I will, my brother confirmed.

I believed. And Everything stayed.
But he, he walked away from me.