April Slam Winner: Nadia Ronan....

나디아는 다문화 환경에서 자랐습니다. 그 경험은 그녀가 시를 쓰거나 연극을 하는데 영감이 됩니다. 그녀는 다른 문화의 새로운 사람들을 만나 계속 자랍니다. 그녀는 언젠가 연극을 가르치길 희망합니다.

Nadia grew up in a multicultural environment. Those experiences have inspired her to write poems and work in theatre. She continues to grow up through meeting new people with new cultures. Someday, she hopes to teach theatre.

It Feels Like

It feels like
Your beautiful bass
The one with the creamy long neck
And the round, smooth bowl
Elegant silver filigree adornments

The way you get close to touching
Those balanced, tense strings
And I already know
How beautiful she will sound

The look in your eyes
Every time you play
Lost in sweat and flying hair

It feels like
You lost your mind
Took clippers to the strings
And wound them so tight around your throat
The only sound is your gasping groan

A silent bass isn't ok
And you probed to find
Another sound

It feels like
The thump-thwack sound that satisfied your
Twisted artistic logic
So you kept smashing
An overeager high schooler at his first talent show

The splinters of beautiful creamy joy
Threw themselves in the air
Helplessly silent but for your screams
Their shattered dusty selves settling all around you

It feels like
You scanned the bassic debris
Pocketing the four shiny bolts
For tuning and music and joy
Tears on your face
Running from your heinous crime

Stagehands blame your bass
For the debris
Sweep it up
Put it in a bin

The biggest splinter
Irreparable, obsolete, silent

It feels like that.