March Slam Winner: PJ Metz


피제이 메츠는 현재 부산에 거주하는 30세 나이의 플로리다 올란도 출신 선생님입니다. 그의 계획은 2017년도까지 한국에서 가르치다가 올란도에 고등학교 영어 선생님으로 돌아가는 것입니다. 그는 고등학교 때부터 재미로 글을 썼지만 관객을 마주한 행사에서 그의 작품을 공연한 것은 최근에서의 일입니다.


PJ Metz is a 30 year old teacher from Orlando, FL currently residing in Busan. His plan is to teach until 2017 and return to his job teaching high school English in Orlando. He's written for fun since high school, but only recently began performing pieces at live events.


Having lost the impetuous spirit of youth can I retain its idyllic wandering desire? 17 year old me sees packing up and leaving it all one night guided by the moon along a path where each step brings new knowledge and freedom to explore. 30 year old me sees abandoning all the things I've worked towards and never seeing the fulfillment of my long term obligations to self and others. So, since 30 year old me controls the bank account, I plan vacations to VERY exotic locales.

I engage in sterile wandering. The safety of a hotel bed with a television. The taste of familiar food mislabeled as "authentic". If I were to just strap on a backpack and roam where then, would I charge my phone how will I make enough money to do cool things like Tokyo Disneyland? Where can I find a real Geisha with which to snap a picture for a facebook picture album called, "Yes, I have been to that place. I met real locals!"? Where are the authentic California rolls and the store that has all those super cool and very Japanese Dragonball Z action figures. I want a shirt that says, "American Samurai" and a headband with a rising sun and did you see the cherry blossoms the best cherry blossoms are in Tokyo, don't you know that EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! you absolutely MUST GO BACK FOR THAT I know the perfect hotel right by the Tokyo Tower and everyone speaks English so you don't have to worry! There's even a McDonald's nearby if you don't like fish!

Seventeen year old and 24 year old me conspire in the dark booth of a nearly empty café in Montmartre. They plan to meet again in Cambodia, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Belfast. Meanwhile, 38 year old me orders a Pina Colada in the Orlando International Airport on his way to Puerto Rico. And when his four days and five nights is up, he comes home to work from 7-5 every weekday knowing he is safe because his vegetables come from the organic section of the grocery store and his phone is always fully charged.