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Premiere: Drinking Boys and Girls Choir (드링킹소년소녀합창단), She’s Sitting in the Blue Chair

대구와 같은 보수의 성지에서도 드링킹소년소녀합창단과 같은 진솔한 펑크밴드가 탄생할 수 있다. 아래의 인터뷰와 함께 곧 발매되는 Keep Drinking에 수록된 She’s Sitting in the Blue Chair을 들으세요.

A band like DBGC rising out of a conservative city and shouting joyously about their beliefs makes one feel that punk truly is not dead. Read more and listen to the premiere of She's Sitting in the Blue Chair from their upcoming album, Keep Drinking.

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드링킹소년소녀합창단 Drinking Boys & Girls Choir

"예전에 배해서 여자밴드 혹은 여자멤버에 대한 시선들이 많이 변화했다고 느껴요. 처음 밴드에 들어갈 때 여자라서 꺼려했던 기억도 있거든요. 그렇지만 그런 시선에 대해 개의치 않고 꾸준히 해오다보니, 그냥 저는 밴드하는 사람이고 단지 성별이 여자일뿐이라고 자연스럽게 봐 주는 것 같아요."
"The view towards female bands or female musicians has changed a lot. I remembered when I first joined a band, I wasn't very welcomed because I was a female. This didn't stop me from doing music and now I think people accept me as a musician who is a female, not as a female musician."

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