AMP50 - Say Sue Me


New music from Itta, Momentsyumi, Leaves Black, Say Sue Me, and Kim Shinyoung, plus preview of a Daegu show by Pakk.


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"예전에 배해서 여자밴드 혹은 여자멤버에 대한 시선들이 많이 변화했다고 느껴요. 처음 밴드에 들어갈 때 여자라서 꺼려했던 기억도 있거든요. 그렇지만 그런 시선에 대해 개의치 않고 꾸준히 해오다보니, 그냥 저는 밴드하는 사람이고 단지 성별이 여자일뿐이라고 자연스럽게 봐 주는 것 같아요."


Drinking Boys & Girls Choir

"The view towards female bands or female musicians has changed a lot. I remembered when I first joined a band, I wasn't very welcomed because I was a female. This didn't stop me from doing music and now I think people accept me as a musician who is a female, not as a female musician."