Amplify Korea: Episode 70

A weekly podcast focused on the Korean music scene outside of Seoul. This week previews a bunch of shows in Busan, with new music from The Plums, Bathing Belles, and Rapplekopf.

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Amplify Korea

Look: Mokjo

Mokjo는 부산에서 살고있는 프리랜서 일러스트레이터이에요. 

Mokjo is a freelance illustrator currently living and working in Busan. 


Premiere: DBGC, She’s Sitting in the Blue Chair

곧 발매되는 Keep Drinking에 수록된 She’s Sitting in the Blue Chair을 들으세요. 
Listen to the premiere of She's Sitting in the Blue Chair from their upcoming album, Keep Drinking.


Watch: Kim Il Du - The Night The Way

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